Casino history

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The flowering of the casino took place in the XIX century, when the state tried to take the gambling business under its control. The main casino games have not changed since then: it’s a roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, etc., as well as gaming machines that appeared in the late 19th century and received the famous name “one-armed bandits”. The origin of the word is associated with Italian culture, where a few hundred years ago this word was called a group of people gathered in a coffee house to play cards.

The first casinos appeared in Europe. Over time, in a number of countries where the gambling business is legalized, casinos have been allowed in certain regions or zones to limit many of the negative aspects of this activity, to put the gambling business under tighter state control.

In adventure literature or cinematography, a story is circulated that revolves around the fact that a hero wins a large amount of money in a casino, after which he is pursued by bandits hired by the casino owner. In reality, in official gambling houses this does not happen. First, the rules of the casino are such that it is extremely rare to disrupt a really large jackpot. Despite the fact that a single player can win, in general, the casino, naturally, remains in the win – otherwise his activity simply would not make sense. Secondly, the winning player is protected by law, in a number of countries the recipients of large winnings remain anonymous for a long time, so that no one has the temptation to encroach on what brought them luck. Casino rules, therefore, are consistent with state legislation.

When there were online casinos widely spread various bonus programs. Casino bonuses, which are most interesting for visitors, attract more people and, in the long run, earn more. Therefore, often the first thing that a person sees on the page of a site dedicated to gambling is a bright, catchy message about bonuses.

What kind of bonuses can a gaming site offer to its visitors? Indeed, casino bonuses can be very different. The most common system is the presence of a small amount on the account of each registered person. Until now, many people not only do not have electronic money, but do not even know where to get them. Accordingly, the presence of money on the account encourages the potential player, encourages him to try his hand in a duel with a tape measure or in a game of blackjack. Well, then, you see, a man will simply be delayed, and he will bring the casino tens of times more money than was originally on his account.

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