About CMID

The purpose of the CMID process is to provide a structure for the audit and inspection

The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) provides a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels, including large ships right down to smaller workboats.

The purpose of this process is to provide a structure for the audit, or inspection of commercial vessels used in the offshore industry, conducted by vessel inspectors working on behalf of owners or clients. Contrary to some misconceptions, the aim of the CMID system (which includes MISW) is not to assess a vessel’s suitably for a task or contract, but to provide three measures of vessel safety and environmental assurance; the safety of personnel; the protection of the environment; and to visually assess the internal integrity of the vessel’s hull (watertight integrity). A CMID inspection should be planned and undertaken in liaison with the vessel owner and should be undertaken by a competent and accredited CMID vessel inspector.

Vessel charterers and clients may consider the inspection report before commissioning any further inspections. As a ‘living’ document, the CMID may be kept and updated onboard a vessel, thus reducing the time involved in an audit.

The CMID is regularly reviewed and updated in the light of regulatory and technical developments. A major review of the CMID has been undertaken in 2015 by a cross-industry workgroup with input provided by contractors (vessel operators), charterers, consultants and other interested parties resulting in the release of issue 9.

The CMID Database website facilitates sharing of completed CMID reports with an e-CMID application available for inspectors to complete and upload their reports in a common format. Registration is open to those organisations operating offshore vessels, their clients and vessel inspectors (IMCA members and non-members alike).

Recently the CMID database has been updated to include IMCA M 189 – Marine inspection for small workboats (Common marine inspection document for small workboats) – which is now available in an electronic version, compatible with the CMID database.

In 2015 the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) appointed the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and its subsidiary Marine Surveying Academy (MSA) to manage and deliver an accreditation programme for their CMID Vessel Inspectors.

This initiative has been largely driven by the industry itself. It was born due to pressure and concern from the industry that IMCA looked to find a solution to accredit competent inspectors. The result is the CMID Vessel Inspector Accreditation Scheme.

Find out more about the application process to become accredited.